Gender equality policies in the Spanish university setting


The UNIGUAL project addresses the challenges of gender equality policy design and implementation within Spanish universities, aiming to promote gender equality within them and provide important information and resources for those implementing equality policies in higher-education institutional settings.

Despite the adoption of legislation at the European, national and regional levels, the adoption of Equality Plans and other policy instruments, women remain under-represented within universities and a gender perspective has not been incorporated effectively into teaching or research.

The goal of the UNIGUAL project is to understand and identify both the obstacles that prevent gender equality policies from being implemented effectively, as well as the facilitating factors that help bring about transformative change.

Our team

Our multi-disciplinary research team is made up of members from five distinct higher-education institutions across Spain (UCM, UPF, USC, UNNE, UPV).

Our researchers have expertise in gender and political science, economics, sociology and law; perspectives and competencies that are relevant and necessary to address the design and implementation of gender equality policies in the university context. Most members of the team participate in the research group on Gender and Politics (GEYPO) coordinated by the UCM.

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